Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Hate My Website!

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I recently received a wonderful guide from Microsoft called "I Hate My Website". It's a great document full of tips, tricks and links to resources that are great for those of us who have a web presence.

Today, I would like to discuss some Do's and Don’ts excerpted from this guide. In addition, I will put a link to this guide on my blog at blog.quickbooksgal.com.

Microsoft's Do's:

1 - Make your site easy to navigate.
2 - Create a consistent look & feel throughout your site by using similar fonts, colors, & layouts.
3 - Make sure your website works on more than one browser; for example Internet Explorer and Firefox (Mozilla, Netscape).
4 - Put the most important information near the top of the page so users don't have to scroll down to find it.
5 - Use headlines, icons, bullets, boldface words & color to draw attention to important information or content.
6 - Include your phone number on every page.
7 - Use high-quality graphics and photos, including your logo. Make sure the images are crisp and don't take too long to load.

Microsoft Don'ts:

1 - Use text and color combinations that are too busy or include distracting visuals that make the site hard to read.
2 - Let the content, especially the links on your website, become outdated.
3 - Include graphics or other design elements that slow down site performance.
4 - Put too much clutter on any one page.
5 - Put too much personalization on the homepage.
6 - Be too flashy.
7 - Create option overload.
8 - Neglect to fill security gaps.
9 - Include obtrusive advertising.
10 - Use Jargon.
11 - Forget to keep it real.
12 - Chatter too much.

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I'm Jayne Miller, The QuickBooks Gal and your MicroPodCast host...thanks for listening!

Jayne Miller is the owner of Custom Business Solutions, a firm in Reno Nevada that specializes in bookkeeping, payroll and small business accounting software support. "Got A QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal!"

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